There are few experiences in life that can make a person feel like they have hit rock bottom and a battle for your child or a child custody case is absolutely one of them in every which way. You are dealing with the fact that your family has fallen apart, the trauma of it and whatever other emotions might be connected to that falling apart along with fear of losing your child and everything else not to mention the uncertainty of the future. But maybe you do not have to think of all this at all. Maybe there is a way to face this challenge head on and even win. Here are some guiding steps to help you out.

Basics You Need To Know For Child Custody Battles

Maybe this is not even a battle for you and your partner, but you still need to face this in courts and therefore you need to have a good strategy.  This will entail a vast majority of the things that you need to do during this time like arming yourself with as much knowledge and information as you can about such cases and the kind of laws that relate to you in this instance. You will also most certainly need to hire some reputed and skilled legal help such as Pearce Webster Dugdales Lawyers because you can expect a positive outcome for both you and your child. Remember that no matter what your situation is, the court is not there to think about this from your point of view. They will do what is best for the child and if you show them that this is exactly what you want as well, it would be the right way to go.

Try To Avoid a Custody Case As Much As Possible

Parents that take this to the level of a battle, with both sides refusing to relinquish control and wanting sole custody, will definitely end up trying to persuade the law why the other person is not a good parent. These cases are long, stressful, demeaning and disturbing not just for you and your former partner but for your child as well. Don’t put anybody through that and wherever possible try to come to a joint custody agreement. If not the court will decide who wins and those outcomes are unpredictable to say the least. Talk things out, you are both parents of the child, and work out something that is healthy for him. In cases where there is absolutely no choice like the security of the child, go for sole custody knowing fully well what you will be facing in future.

When determining child custody, there are two types of issues the court has to address. They have to determine the legal custody, as well as the physical custody of the child.

How Will The Courts Look At The Case?

Do you really want to win custody of your child? Then there are certain aspects of your case that the law will probe into before making their decision and here they are. You need to know that just because you think you are the better parent, the law may not see it that way. Documentation and adhering to the right etiquette expected of you in the court is also important. Show the courts that you can communicate well with the other parent. Finally look at the best interests of your child and nothing else.

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