If you or someone you know is a bride-to-be, then stress levels are understandably high. These only keep increasing the closer the date approaches by the way, so it is best to try and stay sane for as long as possible. The first step is to lay out a plan. It does not have to be set in stone, but it will help you map out the road to your wedding. Once you have this in place, you can adjust as you go along. It might all seem overwhelming, but trust in yourself and know that you will throw a fantastic wedding at the end of the day!

Your Budget

The sky really is the limit when it comes to your imagination, and when you let it run wild with your wedding day, there is no knowing what you might come up with. So before you get carried away, set your budget. Know how much you have to work with. It will help you toe everything else in line, including the guest list which is another important part of the planning process. Plus, there is also the honeymoon which most prefer to spend more on. It is all based on your personal preferences.

Come Up With a Scheme

Again this depends on what sort of wedding you want, but we are guessing you want everything to co-ordinate in some way. Deciding on a theme early is important, since it can help you decide things like wedding flowers, tablecloths, décor and so on. There are an endless array of schemes to choose from, so if you are confused, hop online or turn to apps like Pinterest to help. You can even combine two ideas together if you like.

List out Venues

You may have your heart set on one particular venue for almost all your life, but you are an adult now, and part of being an adult involves being realistic. Which means that you have to brace yourself for the possibility of that venue not being available any longer. What would be your second choice? List out your top 5 places, and then begin enquiring. That way, you need not melt into a panic-induced mess if the worst does happen.

List out Vendors

You might be able to obtain a lot of information from previous friends who may have been married, or even with some research yourself, so it is a good idea to keep track of it all. You want to work your way through them systematically, so you know who you eliminated and why. From the flowers to caterers and DJ, make a note of every contact you come across. You can then call them up and visit those shortlisted in person, before you make your final decisions. Maintain an Excel sheet if that helps with keeping your organised. You can also make any updates on it accordingly, and share it on Google Drive so you always have a copy accessible. Which is handy when you are running about with last-minute preparations and need to refer it all the time.

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