Online shopping has risen to unprecedented levels in Australia. If you are the average Australian, then you spend significant amounts of time and money shopping online. While buying things from e-stores have become more convenient, it isn’t necessarily something you need to be blowing cash on. Are you sure you have to pay $100 for an eye-catching blazer? Did you end up overpaying for an item you found cheaper elsewhere? Overspending on online purchases is all too common in Australia. Therefore, here is a list of tried and tested ways to prevent wasteful overspending when shopping online:


Shop at Local E-Stores

The best way to avoid extra fees associated with an online purchase is to shop using Australian e-stores. When you buy from international sites like eBay, you will end up paying not just overseas shipping fees, but also any applicable customs taxes. If you have to return or exchange a purchase, the fees may have to come from your own pocket. Don’t forget the money lost to the exchange rate when you pay with U.S. dollars or another currency. Therefore, to prevent overall overspending, use Australian shopping websites.

Find E-Stores that Offer Deals on a Regular Basis

One of the many perks of shopping online is that you can compare prices for products across various websites. Also, prices aren’t necessarily as fixed as you might find in regular stores. As online shopping websites face tough competition, e-stores offer excellent deals and discounts to keep customers coming. Australian shopping sites like Payday Deals offer unbeatable discounts that you can benefit from. Find a website like this that routinely offers deals. You will save a lot of money this way.

Look for Free or Discounted Shipping

If you see a great deal on eBay, don’t judge the product by the listed price alone. You may have to pay for shipping and customs taxes as mentioned above. If you really want to save money buying things, avoid international purchases as much as possible. Buy locally from an e-store that offers Australia-wide shipping. Local sites often offer free shipping on orders above a certain limit that you can use to save money on shipping charges.

Compare Prices at Every Turn

Don’t forget to compare prices for products before you buy. It’s easy to fall for a nicely photographed product without checking out prices as offered by other websites. You can largely avoid overpaying by comparing prices across various e-stores. It may take some time, but you will certainly save money. Don’t forget to compare prices between different products either. More often than not, the newest products are priced higher for no more reason than being in vogue.

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep your impulsive buying habits in check. Don’t end up buying something just because you see a nice advertisement for it. Only purchase items that you really need. Double check prices and visit as many e-stores as much as possible. Avoid hefty taxes and shipping fees by using local websites with a .au extension. Once you follow these tips, you will noticeably spend less when shopping online.


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