If you are living away from home you may miss your family more than anything in the world. But when the time comes to go home during the holiday season you may dread it. This may be because you have differences of opinions. Furthermore, it could even be because of your family’s tendency to bring out your past failings. If that is the case it is understandable why you would dread it. But that is not a reason to be miserable during your entire Christmas vacation. We understand that you may be embarking on this trip as a duty. But you also have to understand that it is your vacation as well.

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Have a Contingency Plan

You may have come back because of the family friendly dinner Geelong. But that does not mean you have to entire vacation in close quarters with them. It is true that you are required to attend the family events. However, you should still remember that it is your vacation too. Therefore make sure you have the time to go to the mall or even the movies by yourself. Furthermore, it is also advisable to come home in your car or even rent one. This way you would be able to leave events on your own accord without having to rely on anyone.

Speak Up

If the family is treating you horribly you may keep quiet because it is the holiday season. Therefore you may not wish to get into a big argument and create an uncomfortable situation. However, this does not mean you should continue to be a doormat.  Instead, speak up. You don’t have to be aggressive or rude about it. Instead, you can politely ask them to listen to your feelings. Furthermore, if you have children we understand that the family maybe spoiling them. This would be alright to a certain extent. But if they begin to undermine your rules it is crucial to speak up. Furthermore, you can even let your family know ahead of time not to undermine you especially when it comes to the kids.

Use Your Manners

If you are going back home more likely than not you would be staying with your parents. When that happens you would automatically revert back to your teenage self. This means that you would not pick up after yourself. Hence, it would then result in arguments between you and the family. Therefore due to this reason you should be extra mindful of your manners.

Families can be stressful especially around the holiday season. Therefore make sure to follow the above article.

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