Becoming a new driver is an incredibly exciting and also nerve-wrecking experience. The foremost concern for nearly all new drivers is safety. When you are not used to manoeuvring a vehicle on your own, you are in a higher safety risk category. The safety problems are not always caused by a lack of experience. Minor traffic accidents are a fact of life in urban areas where the traffic is overwhelming. But don’t worry too much; here are several important yet simple enough tips for new drivers just hitting the road:

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Buy Emergency Gear for Your Car

It’s important to pack the right equipment just in case you run into car trouble and ends up stranded in the middle of the road. The most essential emergency items for any car owner includes a car jack, a jump starter kit, and a car safety hammer. You can add a small fire extinguisher that fits in the trunk as well. Don’t take your vehicle on the road until you have these important safety gear in the trunk.

Install Cams to Record Driving

No one wants to think about being in an accident soon after they have become drivers. But vehicle accidents are far too common than you might think. Most road accident in Australia are minor, such as fender benders. You never know what your vehicle could ram into when reversing into a parking lot for example. But in case an accident does happen, you can remove all doubt related to whose fault it is by installing a front-facing and rear view camera in your car. You can record traffic problems and create an internal surveillance system when your car is parked. To ensure the best safety, get cams installed in your car as soon as possible.

Learn Defensive Driving

Driving in Australia involves understanding the traffic that is all around you. It’s important to stay on a single route on a highway and plan ahead for an escape route in case the traffic gets out of hand. There is a whole set of driving skills newbies should learn called defensive driving. Drivers are taught these skills at driving school. But once you do get the license, it’s important to make sure you practise defensive driving intensely to imprint the skills into your brain. Simple defensive driving tactics include staying one car’s length behind the vehicle in front of you in traffic. The speedier the vehicle goes, the farther away it needs to be from other vehicles.

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Maintain Your Car as Recommended

Sometimes safety issues don’t have anything to do with driving skills. Dangers can also be posed by your vehicle, especially when it’s not properly maintained. Have you changed the engine oil and brake fluids as recommended? Do you routinely get the wheels aligned? Without these crucial maintenance tasks, your vehicle could end up being unbalanced and faulty on the road. Therefore, learn about how to maintain your car. Read the user’s manual that will specify exactly how to perform maintenance tasks on the vehicle model you own.

Use the above tips to drive more safely from now on.

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