We all dream of having that perfectly cosy and gorgeous bedroom to fall asleep in. Regardless of the actual size of the room, you can design a great bedroom by making well thought out decorative choices. Here are several tips that will help you in that process:

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Buy Large Curtains

It’s important to eliminate all light at night when you go to sleep. This is not just a design choice. Presence of light, even artificial light, can interfere with your sleep. Therefore, buy large, think curtains for your windows that will prevent any light, whether moonlight or light from the neighbour’s house, from entering your bedroom. In the colder months, the large curtains would insulate your room and trap heat so you can sleep well.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Imagine having large ceiling fans in your home’s bedrooms than air conditioning units. For starters, the former would be much cheaper than the latter. Also, there’s a charming aesthetic a fan can add to your bedroom. Your bedroom can get a colonial bungalow-style touch with this. These days, overhead fans come in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes so your bedroom will be well complemented.  Plus, at night, it will create white noise that you can easily fall asleep to.

Choose a Restful Wall Shade

Want to have a bright and sunny bedroom? Do so by letting in plenty of natural light in the morning. Otherwise, don’t choose bright colours for the walls. It would create a sunny atmosphere that interferes with the actually sleeping, resting or relaxing you will do in your bedroom. The best shades for bedrooms are subtle colours that promote restfulness. For example, lavender, light green, and light blue shades are highly preferred for bedrooms as they accentuate cosiness. You can also choose earthy or dark shades that make the room dark, which facilitates sleep. The overall idea is to choose a shade that makes the room exude restfulness.

Consider Including a Private Reading Nook

Most of us love to read before bed. If you love spending some reading or contemplative time in the bedroom, why not include a charming nook as well? You can do by adding a window seat, comfy lounging chairs, or beanie bags.

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Include Lots of Storage

No one wants to sleep in a bedroom full of clutter. Therefore, it’s important to have plenty of storage in there to keep things off the floor and out of the sight. Lack of clutter will also make your bedroom roomier. There are several ways to adds storage to your bedroom. You can buy a bed with storage drawers at the bottom. When buying furniture, make sure you buy space-efficient furniture with extra storage. You can also install shelves, particularly ceiling shelves, to keep big things like extra pillows or luggage cases tucked away. Make sure there are enough storage bins in the bedroom for laundry, decorative pillows, and other items so nothing ends up as clutter.

Think about using one or two of the above tips to create your ideal bedroom. Keep in mind though to keep everything simple. Too much stuff in the bedroom would only make sleeping difficult.

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