When it comes to luxury cars, there are several notable models to choose from. BMWs are chosen for the German engineering and Ferraris for the swagger. Then there are the Jaguars. There’s something unique about this British luxury car model that’s hard to pinpoint. Jaguar enthusiasts say it’s not just about the luxury brand, buying one of these cars is an experience or even a cultural event (if you are British). Other than the branding, there are actually several advantages to buying a Jaguar.

There are also some disadvantages. The main, and possibly the only, one is the price. Jaguars are eye-wateringly expensive, of course. However, if you are on a budget, you can consider buying a used Jaguar. There are used jaguar specialists like www.roadbend.com.au/ in Australia that you can rely on to find a great ride. Now that you know the disadvantages (and workarounds) to owning a Jaguar, here are the advantages:

The Looks

Obviously, the most noticeable thing about the Jaguar model is its sleek exterior looks. Jaguars have an elegant, handsome look, unlike Ferraris or Lamborghinis that just look gaudy. Jaguars are demure and deluxe at the same time. The typical Jaguar model has a very slender profile that looks stunning from the outside. If you want to make heads turn on the street and simultaneously look perfectly at home in a fancy gold resort, the Jaguar is the car model for you.

It’s not just the exterior that’s superb, the interior of the Jaguar is quite charming as well. The interior design favours comfort and style. It uses a lot of high-quality leather and chrome trims. The inside of the car is quite spacious as well with ample leg room. Most Jaguars also come with amenities like top-notch subwoofers and seat headrest screens. The interiors are also completely soundproofed from the noise of the engine.

High-Tech Incorporation

Jaguar definitely gives BMW a run for its engineering money, particularly after the release of the XE and XF models. The new Jaguars come with a new and improved chassis design that dramatically improves the performance. The new package also includes adjustable dampers and a double control-arm front suspension that makes steering more precise and provides more wheel control. It’s one of the easiest car models to manoeuvre around corners. Thanks to Integral Link tech, Jaguar cars give drivers more control over the rear wheels.

Light Feel

Jaguar cars are a unique combination of sports cars and family cars. Thanks to high-end tech, the cars drive smoothly. They feel a lot lighter than they actually are. This is largely thanks to the all-aluminium body.  If you are a new driver, this is a fact you can certainly appreciate.

Jaguars are Powerful

Jaguars come with a unique power train that lets the cars supercharge. Unlike most sports cars, jaguars don’t do turbo charging. The benefit here is less lag and more power, which you can feel the moment you hit the throttle.

Jaguars are stylish, powerfully build, speedy, and safe to drive. What more can you ask from a luxury sports car?

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