When comparing the issues that a particular vehicle’s engine might have, the numbers of problems that its transmission system might face are fewer. However, that does not mean that there aren’t any issues that might become problematic for transmission from time to time. The more common issues related to this is having difficulties in moving the gear selector to the desired gear, delays/jerks or irregular noises occurring when the gears are being changed. If your vehicle is facing these sort of issues then that would certainly mean that it is time for a professional to have a look at its transmission system.

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Identifying the Problem

Perhaps, the most common issue related to the transmission is the inability to properly select the gears. Many things such as an oil filter that is clogged up or an oil pump that is defected could be the root cause for this. But the main culprit in this sort of a situation is usually the lack of transmission fluids within the system. The reaction getting delayed when selecting a gear might be due to some issue(s) in the computer controlling system of the vehicle or in the actuators that are being controlled by this system. Irrespective of the problem, it is best to get the necessary professional help needed to fix the issue(s) promptly. The easiest way to find these services nowadays is via the internet. Let’s say that you are a resident of Brisbane. Then just searching for automatic transmission specialist Brisbane would be enough for you to get a whole list of potential vehicle service providers in your area. This will provide you with the chance to pick the best one depending on their service recommendations and charges.

The Need for an Urgent Fix

Sometimes the issue might need quick resolving as it might cause much more serious damages to the other parts of the vehicle if left alone. The best example of this kind of a situation is ‘slippage’ of a vehicle. This happens when the accelerator is pushed but it does not have any effect on the wheels’ power to increase or the vehicle itself to accelerate. On top of that, the engine might give off unusual revving sounds too. Low fluid levels are the cause of this sort of a situation as well. One way to make certain of this is to check the colour of the transmission fluid which should be a reddish one. If it is blackened then you must take the necessary steps to fix this issue immediately. Failing to do so might lead to bans and clutch mechanisms burning out which can be a much more severe problem.

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Another device might have issues, if the vehicle has problematic low gear selection is the torque converter. This clutch is designed to allow movement for a particular direction and issues in it might cause difficulties in the selection of reverse gears as well. The best way to avoid these sorts of situations is to do routine check-ups of the vehicle in order to identify potential issues in the transmission system. This will allow you to provide a solution to the problem without waiting for it to cause more damage.

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