Good habits are the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of well-dressed men who can strike confident poses no matter the situation. If you want to generally improve how you present yourself, here are several grooming and hygiene tips to consider as a guy:

Go to the Barbers

Get that hair fixed by getting it cut at a professional barber’s. You can certainly shave off unwanted hair using your trusty electric razor. But how would that look, really? A professional would know what to do exactly depending on your requirements and style sense. Therefore, if you notice that your hair is growing too long, don’t take matters into your own hands and have the pros handle it for the best results.

Learn How to Buy the Right Underwear

This may sound like a simple thing, but your comfort and even health can be determined by the type of drawers you buy. For example, if you buy ill-fitting boxers or wrong size briefs, you could end up with problems like chafing or skin irrigation. Therefore, learn how to buy drawers that allow you to be comfortable in any situation. First, start by taking your own measurements to avoid buying generic sizes that won’t fit your build. Secondly, choose top-notch brands like Step One underwear to ensure you end up with a high-quality product.

Keep Odours Away with Non-Absorbent Fabrics

Sweat is the primary reason why your clothes start to smell. If you choose fabrics that do no absorb sweat like a sponge, you might smell less. However, be careful here. You do need fabrics to absorb sweat to some extent to remain comfortable. But if you are in a sticky situation like having to sit through a long meeting in a barely air conditioned room, and then choose a top that won’t absorb sweat and start smelling. You can also choose fabrics like bamboo that are said to have anti-odour qualities. If smell is an issue, do not reuse certain used clothing items like socks without washing. Frequently wash clothes to keep them less smelly.

Choose a Signature Scent

The ladies like nice smelling men. And this smell should not be determined by what type of washing machine detergent you use. Wear cologne or aftershave to have your own, signature smell. If you have excessive sweating issues, then this would be a great way to mask odours surreptitiously. Choose a single scent to make your own instead of buying dozens of bottles of men’s perfume at a convenience store.

Brush Your Teeth

What is that thing people notice you about mostly? It’s your smile. Many things can ruin an adult’s smile, such as damaged or decaying teeth, or teeth yellowed by food or habits like smoking. The best way to keep your smile looking good is to brush your teeth twice a day as your parents taught you. You should also occasionally visit a dentist to fix any dental issues before they get serious. If you have teeth that are yellower than usual, you can consider dental procedures like in-office tooth whitening.

Follow the above tips to dress sharp and look like a model from a men’s perfume ad. Learn how to buy sharp clothes, maintain your skin, and smile to win in life with the above suggestions.

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