Corporate events are more fun to plan than you would think, although if you are entrusted with organizing your first, you may be understandably anxious and quite stressed out before the planning has even begun. After all, this is not like putting together a birthday party to celebrate with friends. You have a reputation to maintain, and the company’s name on the line as well, which means that the event’s success rests completely on your shoulders. If you are a full-time event planner though, you will find yourself in this position more times than you can count, and are probably more comfortable in this sort of scenario than a newcomer. That said, everybody keeps learning every day, so here are a few tips to help you at every stage.

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Find Out the Real Budget

You cannot be swaying about with ‘ifs’ and ‘what ifs’ circling around you when it comes to the budget. You cannot work with ‘probably this’ or ‘probably that’. You need to accurately calculate your budget, and ensure that this is the final sum you have to work with. It is better to know that you have $1000 for sure in hand, as opposed to maybe $10,000 coming in. It is quite useless scouting out venues and ordering the décor or catering if you cannot afford any of it. Not much of a point now is there?

Learn To Haggle

In other words, learn to negotiate. As an event planner, this is one of your primary and most necessary skills. You will need to deal with florists, the venue, the caterers and many more, and you want to be sure that you are getting the best possible deal at all times. Some people may feel shy or backward about doing this, but know that if you do not, you will not make a very effective event planner. Locking in cheaper rates is a part of your job, even if you are entrusted with doing this just the one time for your company. Securing quality entertainment is also important, such as Paris By Night for instance, but in those cases it is not necessary to talk discounted rates since you are benefitting from superior services.

Book Your Suppliers Early

Another important point to note is that if you snooze, well you lose. Sitting on your suppliers for weeks on end and then looking to book them at the last minute is rather short-sighted and foolish, to say the least. Aside from running the risk of not being able to book them at all because they may have taken up another gig, you also may end up having to pay more. If you research well in advance, you may be able to secure them better than you planned, so for instance with more to offer and for a lower price as well.

Look For Sponsors

Of course, the company will have some funds or a budget allocated for the purpose, but if it is something like a charity event for instance, you would want more support, especially financially. So why not scout out possible sponsors for your event? The more the merrier of course, but try to meet your financial target first. Sponsors are not as difficult as you may think to rally, especially when it is for a worthy cause so spend some time on this, and be sure to begin your campaigning early, including laying out your proposals.

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