Looking after an elderly family member who dedicated their youth to looking after you as you grew up is something that is not just your responsibility but also something that you know you need to do as a human being. It is what is right. While stepping forward to look after them is indeed commendable, you need to also be prepared for the many challenges that you will face afterwards. Here are some of the best ways in which you can overcome challenges and look after an elderly family member the right way.

Pay Attention to Their Medicines

One of the most important things you should do is to remind them to take their aged care medication on time and on a daily basis. If you will be with them at home the whole day, that would be something which is not too hard but if not, you will have to start labelling their medicine box and filling it up with the separate doses for each day so that they do not miss out on their meds. This is really important especially if they are also suffering from a condition like blood pressure be it high or low, diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, nervous diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more. Not taking their meds will cause their health to decline really fast.

Give Them the Right Food

Simply because a food item is filled with nutritional value that does not necessarily mean that it is something that is good for them. Depending on the kind of condition that they suffer, you will have to cook for them separately sometimes. For example somebody with pressure should not eat too much salt, somebody with cholesterol should not consume oil or sometimes other high cholesterol food items, diabetes patients should avoid certain fruits, vegetables and sugar items. Therefore, paying attention to what they are eating, following their nutrition plan if one has been provided and making sure that nothing injurious to their health is given to them is a top priority.

Give Them Space to Do Things on Their Own

While you definitely do have their best interests at heart when you are getting everything done for them, it will certainly be good to give them some space of their own to get things done as well. Sometimes, when you do not let them do anything on their own and restrict what they can and cannot do, they may feel disrespected or feel bad that they are being a bit of a burden on you. In order to avoid this situation let them engage in daily activities that are not too tiring for them and that they can genuinely do. It is also healthy for them to stay a bit mobile and active rather than lying down in bed the whole day unless that is what has been advised by the doctor. These are some of the ways in which you can look after your elderly family members.

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