We go on a vacation especially to get away from the stress in office. But, how many of us have actually gone on a work stress-free holiday? Not many unless you are retired! Although the main idea of going on a vacation is to get away from the usual routines and to relax, at least on the first few days of the holiday, you would generally be worrying about office work. This is far worse if you are running your own business.

Can you count the number of times you panicked when away from work thinking “did I do this?”, “will that contract be finalized without issues when I am away”, etc.? I bet you can’t and you ended up calling the office or emailing.

Therefore, in my view, especially if you are a workaholic or you simply do not have any other option, the best thing to do is not to lose all connections with the office. So, here are a few tips for keeping up with your work life even when you are on a vacation.

Connections Are Key

If you close all avenues of contact you will obviously not be able to know what is going on at the office and your colleagues will not be able to contact you. Therefore, you need to keep some form of contact open. You may opt for keeping in touch via emails and office chat interfaces but you need to have Internet for these to function. As an alternative, you can stick to old-fashioned phone calls and if you need the clarity of the call to be at maximum level, use wireless headphones. It is essential that the information that passes between the parties is accurate if you want to reap the benefits of taking time for office work while on vacation.

The device you use should be able to stand the harsh environmental factors and should have a long battery life as you may be far away from a charging point and from your vehicle to plug into the car charger. Moreover, you need to be able to attend to other tasks such as fishing, building a campfire while you are talking on the phone in order to save more time to spend with family or simply to relax and enjoy doing nothing.

Know Your Boundaries

When you get absorbed in your work you may even forget that you are on vacation. So, you need to know and let the others know the boundaries clearly. You need to specify during which hours of the day you will be available or if you feel more comfortable if you can be contacted throughout the day, specify the maximum amount of time you can spend at one time so that your loved ones will not feel left out ruining the vacation.

It Is Alright To Delegate

Most of the time you would feel the need to keep in touch with the office if you do not trust your co-workers and to subordinates enough to delegate the tasks to them. So always remember that it is alright to delegate to competent people and it is up to you to ensure that the person whom you entrust the work are competent enough not to mess up while you are away. Your importance to the company will not diminish simply because you have trained someone to take over during your absence.

It is important to keep in mind that if you attended to your office work diligently and you have someone who can take over without hassle you will not have much problem taking time off without having to worry about the work and if you really have to attend to office work, you need to have the proper equipment to facilitate communications and file transfers, if necessary.

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