There are plenty of ideas to design and decorate your living room. But most of these ideas are now becoming very common. Here are some factors to consider for those who are looking for trendy ways to plan a living room and give your home a unique look.


One of the best ways to make your wall decorating accessories stand out is to use a neutral colour on your wall. Many would consider not using white, as white surfaces tend to get dirty soon and it will clearly show. But a well maintained white wall will give a more spacious look to the place and will make other items in the place such as furniture, stand out. A simple search on the internet will help you find some of the best Brisbane painting services who can get the walls done. You can even consult them about the colour scheme that will match your living room space. Light colours mixed with furniture of dark colour can give the room a very trendy outlook.

Do not match

A sofa set and matching furniture is the style many people would usually go for. Try to stay clear of this as this is becoming old-fashioned. You can choose a particular theme you like and stick to a style you love but there is no need to buy a sofa set. Instead, select a sofa, a stool and armchairs with different styles but still complement each other. The same goes for the material you use on the cushioning. They don’t need to be in the same colour either. Many modern interior designers believe this can give a layered look to a living room and make it much less boring and monotonic.


Adding items of your preferences to decorate the living room can give the space more intimate and a cosy look. A painting on the wall or a souvenir or a small ornament on a shelf, or a potted plant can give the place a livelier look. Take a small shopping trip and you will be able to find chic looking items. Even though you might not select a theme for the other decorations you can select these accessories according to a theme. The drab look that might be created due to neutral colours on walls can be reduced by these additional items. Paintings, photographs, clocks, decorative statuettes, family photos, flower vases are some of the items you can use.


Geometric designs

Heavy intricately designed curtains or carpets or even sofas are not the items to select if you are trying to get a modern look in your living room. Instead, having a geometric pattern on certain items can certainly create a trendy look. Geometric designs are known to create a vibrant look in any place due to the illusion of movement they can create. Tessellations are specially used in flooring in tiled and carpeted floors alike. If you are using rugs, these too can bear simple geometric designs. Since you are opting to leave out patterned walls and keep them mono-coloured it is ok to be a little free when choosing patterned floors or rugs. But be careful not to overdo the patterns.

There may be many options for living room decor to choose from. But these tips can help you to stick to a style that will be unique and modern but still creates a homely look in your place.

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