Moving homes can be tricky, but moving to an entirely new city or country is a whole new experience. If you are moving to a city or country that has a warmer climate than you are used to, here are a few of our tips for beating the heat successfully.

Dress Appropriately

If you’ve always lived in a cooler climate, then it goes without saying that you will need a full wardrobe change. For the beginning at least, switch to loose and airy clothes that won’t cling to your body. People not used to the heat easily develop heat rashes and sweat rashes…and it’s not fun. Select lightweight clothes, preferably something in materials like cotton or viscose/rayon. However, if you sweat a lot, the viscose material might not be the best for you.

Be Prepared To Change Your Makeup

One of the most irritating parts of moving to warmer weather, in our opinion, is that the makeup you are used to using is no longer useful to you. The heat and the sweat might make it harder for your makeup to stay in place, so you will have to do the trials for makeup from scratch once you get there. This is especially true for your foundation. You’ll have to discover which type of foundation works best for your skin in the warmer weather.

Switch To More Hydrating Face And Hair Products

Body and face products are generally meant to pamper your skin and give it an extra boost. If the new place you are moving to guarantees to make your skin dehydrated, then we suggest you switch to products that keeps you hydrated and your moisture level balanced. Find the best organic body wash that suits you for this purpose, as they generally tend to milder and better suited for harsh weather.

Hydrate Yourself Well

Apart from hydrating your skin, it is also vital that you keep your body hydrated internally. Drinking the recommended amount of water is essential. Ty having a water bottle around you where ever you go, including in your car and on your work desk to make sure you have it within reach. But we understand that drinking plain water can be a little boring. Instead, consider infusing your water with fruits. While you work, chilled green tea is a great alternative for those cups of coffee you consume.

Make Better Use Of The Cooler Hours

One of the hardest parts of the heat to someone who isn’t used to it is that it makes them less efficient. You feel lazier and the heat is horrible if you are trying to work or exercise. As a result, you’ll find yourself out of shape pretty easily. To avoid this happening, out tip is that you make the most of the cooler hours of the day. Wake up earlier so you have the hours before it’s too hot to work or workout. Alternatively, you can also work in the later part of the day, though we do want to stress the importance of adequate sleep.

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