Have you ever gotten caught in a situation where you were not able to contact anybody who could help you out with an urgent repair that had to be done in your home? We have all been there at some point before we learned the hard way that having all the contact details of everyone who can help you out in a situation like this is important. This becomes even truer if you have tenants living in the same compound as you and they contact you for help when something needs to be fixed. Here are some of the most important contacts that you need to think about having to hand as a home owner at any given point.

When the Pipes Spring a Leak or the Toilet Won’t Flush

Most homes experience a lot of issues quite regularly with their pipes and for the most part, this is because of the errors in how they are maintained. Among some of the worst possible things that you could do would be throwing things down the pipes that are not really supposed to go in there such as food, hair or anything else that will not be dissolved and will collect and block the whole mechanism. Another issue is when the pipes are old enough to rust and corrode because they have not been given the maintenance that they need for a very long time. This too can really cause damage. You may also notice things like pipes regurgitating instead of sending waste away. In any such situation what you must do is call an emergency plumber narre warren or any other location that you are based in. Before this happens, therefore, always have a contact that is well established with you so that you can ask them to pay a home visit immediately or at their earliest convenience.

Those Sparks Flying (And Not the Romantic Kind)

You guessed it right. It’s in the wires. The electrical aspect of a home is something that has to be completed and maintained with care because it can also pose a serious risk to all of you in the house. If you notice that your breakers keep going off, do not change the breaker. They are doing their job right. Instead call us your electrician immediately and ask them for what you should do until they get there. One of the best things to do is to turn off the main switch in your breaker so that you do not put yourself or anybody in the house in danger. If you see sparks flying out of a socket or if something just explodes out of the blue, ring up your electrical specialist immediately.

You Are Not Alone In the House

We are not talking about ghosts and ghouls, we are talking about pests. Sneaky and destructive these little armies will drill a hole right through your home and pull it to the ground if they are not stopped and given enough time. Always call the exterminator immediately if you see that there is more than just the one odd anthill or termite hill in the house or even if you see that there are fleas, flies, and the likes.


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