There are different ways to get a concert ticket in a presale or during the selling period. Presales are often held online few days or weeks before the ticket selling goes public and accounts to almost 90 percent of the overall number of tickets. Ticket presales are usually offered to credit card holders, fans club members, and to the people close to the artist. After the ticket presale, the tickets that are not sold are made available to the public. Public sales are available for purchase through online, telephone or box office.

1. Check Your Availability

Before buying a ticket, it is very important to know when and where will it take place and check your availability during that day. To do so, you can visit the official websites of the people involved in the concert or check out the daily newspaper. Make sure that you are available on that they as it would be useless to buy a ticket if you can’t make it to the event. If in case that going to the venue will require you to travel for hours, it is ideal that your schedule is clear ahead of the concert time to give you ample time to travel.

2. Join A Fan Club

Being a member of a fan’s club gives you access to a number of benefits which includes an early access to tickets and knowing early about the upcoming tours and games. Fan clubs often hold pre-sales and make tickets available to club members first. Being a member of a fan club could either be free or paid.

3. Buy From An Online Ticket Distributor

Things like AFL tickets  are usually available through online distributors. Most distributors make use of mobile phones or have a physical store where they can sell tickets. Downloading ticket applications make sense in here. It is very important that you buy only from a reputable seller in order to avoid any scam that might happen. When buying a ticket online, you must go online for at least 15 minutes before the sale if you have an account already, but go way earlier if you do not have an account yet. If possible use different accounts or devices simultaneously also.

4. Look For Ticket Brokers

If you were not able to buy a ticket online, ticket resellers are one of your options in order to have a ticket. Ticket resellers sell ticket higher than the original price, but not as much as VIP deals. This is a good option especially when you are really dying to be at that event. What is the additional amount compared to the fun and excitement that you will feel on the event, right?

Getting a ticket to the event of your favorite artist is not easy as you are not the only fan who wishes the same thing as you do. It is very important that you are prepared ahead of time and very keen on what is happening. All your efforts will definitely be worth it in the end, especially when you will have a glimpse of your favorite artist performing live.

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