If you have a close friend who has just lost a loved one, helping them cope with that kind of pain can be really difficult and challenging for you emotionally as well. On one hand you do not want to see your friend feel so down and low and on the other hand, you also know that you need to respect their feelings and not try to push them to move on or intrude on their personal space. But there are some things that you can safely do when you think about helping your friend find peace after losing their loved one and here are some tips that you could make use of.

Help Them with the Barrage of Duties That Come Immediately After

Death comes also with a list of things of things for the living to do and that’s the toughest part about it. The person who has moved one may have done so but those that he or she left behind will have to keep pushing through the pain and of course getting the service and the likes organized. It a be really, really hard to even think about putting one and one together let alone plan something like this when your friend is in pain of losing that person forever so if you really want to help, help them plan things out and let them relax. Look for funeral directors Gold Coast and hire their services, and if you want to contribute financially do that too. Just take the load off of your friend’s shoulders.

Don’t Cut Them Off

When you help your friend plan things out like discussed above you also have to make sure that you do not cut them off and that you keep getting them involved, at least in the important things. In your mind, you may be thinking that they need to stay put and relax and have nothing to do with the planning of the service but trying to actively stop your friend from contributing will send them to an even darker place. Get them involved and take their input, ask them if they are alright with you taking the decisions, make sure that any last requests by the person who passed away will be carried out.

Don’t Undermine Their Pain

Sometimes you may feel that distracting your friend from their pain and trying to tell them that it is alright is the best way around this phase but it is not. Remember that your friend is really vulnerable right now and that to them it may just sound like you are undermining the pain that they are going through. Of course, you do not have to mourn with them and cry with them but stay real and become a great listener rather than a big talker. Listening to your friend will help you see what you can do and it will help your friend feel relieved too. Be there for them through time and through the hurdles.

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