Hosting friends and family at your house can be really stressful especially if they are planning to stay for a long period of time. However, as a host, it is your duty to make them feel comfortable and enjoy their vacation. Here are a few mistakes you need to avoid:

Not Preparing Their Room

You will need to make space for the guest in order to make them feel comfortable. For example, if you have two rooms then you should ask your kids to sleep with you till the guests stay. Giving them a personal space would make them feel at home. However, make sure you clean their room beforehand. For example, you could change into fresh bed sheets and vacuum the room. The bathroom also needs to be cleaned and you could keep a floor towel to ensure that the bathroom doesn’t get too wet. This is a segment you cannot miss, so don’t forget to clean their room.

Not Making Any Effort

Everybody likes compliments when it comes to their house, so you will need to make a little effort in order to make your house look good. For example, you could change the table cloths and decorate the house with some ornaments. You don’t have to spend heavily to get compliments just make sure you arrange everything nicely. You will also have to provide them with some basic information such as the Wi-Fi password, the places where you keep snacks and the laundry room. However, if your guests have come for only a short period of time then you could offer to do their laundry as well. Also make sure you buy things like toothpaste, a toothbrush and shampoo for them as there are chances they might have not packed them.  As a host, it is your duty to make them feel at home so don’t forget to do the above things.

Not Planning Any Activities

Everyone has got hectic schedules but that is no excuse for not planning anything for your guests especially if they are visiting your country or city for the first time. Make sure you tell them about your schedule beforehand so they don’t get disappointed. However, you could still make plans on weekends; for example, you could take them for dinner or plan a shopping date with them. If possible try to leave early from the workplace so you could spend time with them on weekdays as well.

Be Nice

It can get a little frustrating when guests mess with your things, for example, they might have little children who might be messing with your ornaments, or not keeping the house clean. However, you need to make sure that you control your temper all the time. This is because it would be wrong for you to shout at them or constantly reminding them that they have to live according to your rules. This is why they won’t feel comfortable neither will they enjoy their stay at your place. So even if they finish up your favourite cookies or mess up your dressing table you cannot be rude to them.

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