Have you ever wondered how those fashion divas look stunning in anything they wear? They seem to have the perfect curves in whatever outfit they put on that you ask yourself, what could be their secret? Do they really workout that much to maintain that stunningly perfect figure? Is it their diet that helped them achieve those glorious curves? Well, the answer is simple – shapewears! These aren’t some mystical stuff but can readily be found and bought online or even in fashion stores near you.

Shapewears come in different styles. The style you need depends greatly on the body parts you want to look more toned. This guide will elaborate on how to choose the right shapewear for you.

Wear Your Size

It is a myth that you have to wear a shapewear that is smaller than your original size. Aside from being uncomfortable, it would also create awkward bulges in places that it shouldn’t be. It would also make it too obvious that you are wearing one. When choosing a shapewear, always get your size and try it on to make sure that it fits right and you feel comfortable while wearing it. Shapewears come in many sizes; you can really find the perfect fit for you. There are also plenty of plus size shapewear for curvy ladies out there.

Choose Your Desired Toning Power

When shopping for shapewears, check the label to know its toning performance. If you want a smoother and more sculpted look on target areas, medium constriction shapewears will do. But if you want a sleeker and more transformed figure, opt for strong constriction ones. These types are heavier and helps tuck those bulges into your desired body shape.

Choose a Style That Flatters Your Innate Shape

Apple Shaped – Those that have this body shape are heavier on the shoulders and narrow on the lower parts. A shaping camisole is perfect for them since it helps smooth the bulges in your torso while giving your upper body a more elongated look.

Pear Shaped – In contrast with the apple shape, those who are pear-shaped have narrower upper body and look weighty on the hips. A thigh shaper works best for them as it shapes the rear, thighs, waist and the belly.

Hourglass Shaped –Most women with an hourglass figure fit well on any outfit they wear. Many envy those who have this body shape since they look so perfect; their bust and hip measurements are almost the same plus they have a cinched waist that everyone loves. Shaping bodysuits are good for them as they give even smoothening giving you that extra boost of confidence.

Rectangular Shaped – Even those who are not so curvy can benefit from shapewears. Rectangular shaped women are straight-bodied; their bust, hip and waist measurements are almost the same. A perfect companion for them is a high-waist; rear-lifting brief that tones the tummy bulges and gives your rear the needed lift to achieve that stunning figure.

So, the next time you go shopping for shapewears, keep these tips in mind to make sure you don’t end up moving awkwardly. Shapewears don’t need to be uncomfortable but are rather meant to be any woman’s best friend.

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