The big day is probably coming up soon. The day you have looked forward to for months or even years, a day which you have planned and organized for months. Yes, your wedding day is looming close and now more than ever you are probably feeling stressed and anxious. The constant worry of what could possibly go wrong may be making you upset or disturbing your mood. However, do not worry; here are three things you should know when it comes to your wedding so you can feel less stressed and anxious.

Always Check the Venue Beforehand

Yes, go grab your keys and drive to the venue to check it out. Ensure that it looks good and the decoration and podiums are all in place where you want them to be. in case there is a possibility that it may rain or if winter starts early, you may want to consider moving the wedding indoors, so check with the venue owners and see if they have an indoor area to hold the wedding just in case.

If possible take a few photographs where you are planning to take the wedding photographs to know if they look alright and if anything needs to be changed. By checking the venue before the wedding, you would be able to avoid mishaps in design and decoration.

If you have chosen Yarra Valley wedding venues to host your big day and it requires a couple of hours drive to check out, discuss it with your fiancé or fiancée and send someone to stay in the area to oversee final preparations.

Make Sure Your Maid Of Honour or Best Man Has a Wedding Day Survival Kit

These kits are vital to ensuring that in case something goes wrong, you can fix it fast. Imagine if someone spills wine on your outfit or your breath smells like garlic thanks to the meal. Having a survival kit within easy reach could solve your problem. Baby wipes work very well to remove stains from satin, so if your dress is made of that material you may want to ensure your maid of honour has baby wipes on her. Also make sure that the kit has mints, deodorant, hairpins, lipstick, perfume, lint rollers, some touch-up powder, aspirin and antacid.

Give Yourself Enough Time to Focus on Getting Ready Before the Wedding

Ultimately the person that matters most in a wedding is you. You need to be able to have enough time to get ready. Always give yourself about four to five hours to get ready for the wedding and ensure that you are getting your hair or makeup done first. This way you will not be in a rush and will be able to relax before the ceremony begins. If you finish getting ready ahead of the schedule then you have more time to take the bridal photographs and you may even be able to test different poses and locations for the photograph.

In the end, when it comes to a wedding, do not be too upset if something goes wrong. All your guests and loved ones are there to celebrate your decision to marry the love of your life and be by their side for the rest of both of your lives, so the small stuff in the grand scheme of things do not really matter. What matters is how you feel. Therefore have your head up high and make sure to savour the day.

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