One of the worst experiences for a parent is going through the legal matters related to child custody which inevitably follows the divorce or separation. These are difficult and awkward times for both parents and children. If not handled delicately, it could also lead to ongoing mental trauma and confusion, especially for the minors. So every effort must be taken to avoid misunderstandings, arguments, and problems, especially when the kids are around.

Family Counsellors

The best course of action here is to get the advice of family counsellors regarding the course of action needed and children should be made to understand that none of this is their fault or doing. The parents also need to discuss the issue with an advisor present and plan the events in such a way as to minimise discomfort to them

The Child Support Agency

Under this act, the main caretaker of the child/children is allowed to make a claim from the other parent for child support. This request is made to the official governing body responsible for these affairs, the Child Support Agency. They will make assessments regarding each parent’s income, the number of children and what arrangements should be made. They will make a decision and are ultimately responsible for its enforcement. Sometimes, a parent might not agree to the final arrangements made and in such a case, they are allowed to get another review. A Senior Case Officer will review it at a hearing.

Legal Support

Child support involves a lot of legal formalities, so getting the help of a legal advisor is very helpful and definitely unavoidable. You will find that legal advice can be very important when presenting your case, especially in the event of a review being made to the agency. Specialised family lawyers will also assist you if you decide to go for a private support agreement with the other parent, without the help of the agency. In any case, child support lawyers Melbourne will help you achieve the best results for both parents and children involved.

The Family Court of Australia

The family court is responsible for handling all the issues related to Family Law. If you have any legal issues, you can apply here with your lawyer’s assistance. You can also get the help of court staff if you have any questions and concerns. Your local community centre or legal aid office should also be able to help you.

The Best Interests of the Child

Always keep in mind that all decisions made by the court will be in the best interest if the child. As both parents are responsible for the care and welfare of their child until they reach the age of 18. So some responsibility may be shared by both parents and it’s important that they cooperate with each other. In the end, the child must be protected from all physical and psychological harm and able to live a life as close to normalcy as possible.

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