Staying healthy is becoming harder and harder these days, and a significant part of the population is suffering from health issues such as obesity or malnutrition due to a lack of a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to change schedule and dedicate a few minutes to take care of your health, here are some of the tips that can be of use.

Eat Heathy

Eating healthy is a vital part of staying healthy and maintaining healthy body weight and height. Eating according to a balanced diet and get enough water and dietary fibre in your body is the main thing to concentrate on when eating healthy. Your diet has to include carb-rich food such as rice or pasta that should make up 60% of the diet, essential vitamins; vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin D, unsaturated fats such as those produced from dairy products, meat and fish and protein at least 50 grams per day for an adult.

Get Rid of Harmful Food

You need to control your daily intake of sugar, through the limitation of fizzy drinks and sweets such as chocolates. More than six teaspoons of sugar per day are not healthy for your body at all. Also keep low on fast food such as burgers and pizzas. Also try to stay clear of habits such as smoking. Smoking is a practice that can damage your internal organs and deteriorate your health. Too much of liquor consumption is also a big no. Therefore, the next time you plan to enjoy your favourite beverages and snacks, make sure you don’t over-consume them.


Exercising is important to maintain both mental and physical health. Dedicate a small time of your day for exercise. You don’t always have to go to a gym to burn some calories. If you want to, you can go to a place that sells fitness equipment Perth and have it delivered so you can do your fitness training at home. You can also keep an hour or two in the morning for running or jogging and other exercises. Also, make small choices that give exercise to your body like using the staircase instead of the elevator, cleaning the house and doing gardening, etc.

Maintain a Good Mental Health

Mental health is as important as physical health. It is important that you balance your mental and emotional well-being in order to lead a healthy life. If you are someone who gets worried or stressed out easily, you can practice meditation daily; focussing on a hobby will also help. Choose an activity you like and engage in it when you feel too overwhelmed with work any other stressing matters. Gardening, cooking and baking, listening to music, drawing and writing, dancing is some of the hobbies you can practice.

Living a healthy life does not mean sending too many hours in the gym tiring yourself out or starving yourself in order to get thin. You need to practice all the above habits without overdoing them or without missing them and you will develop both physical and mental fitness that will help you to get through life easily.

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