One of the most common questions that bother every parent’s mind is how to keep their baby sleep through the night. For newborns, sleeping all throughout the night is almost impossible, given that they aren’t used to the routine yet. Also, newborns wake up after short naps to feed and this goes on even at night. After a few months in the outside world, some babies adapt to the day-night cycle and slowly develop a sleep pattern. However, there are still few who need a little bit of help to sleep better.

Whether you’re dealing with a non-sleeper, a light-sleeper or a quick-sleeper, here are some proven and tested tips to help your child get better sleep quality.

Clear the Sleeping Area

If your baby sleeps in a crib, clear the area by removing toys, bumpers, extra blankets and other fun knick knacks your baby can fiddle with. This makes your baby realize that a crib is a place to sleep and not where he should play.

Share a Room

Sleeping with your baby in the same room actually encourages better sleep unconsciously. Let your baby sleep in his crib near your bed so you stay close with each other. Studies show that room-sharing gives a sense of security and calmness to babies, helping them sleep for longer stretches.

Regulate Temperature

Babies, especially newborns aren’t yet used to the temperature outside the womb and they can find sudden temperature changes uncomfortable. Science shows that babies sleep best at temperatures between 69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from using air-conditioners and heaters to regulate room temperature at certain months, parents should also keep an eye on their baby’s sleepwear. Avoid dressing them in heavy clothes. Instead, dress them in layers so it would be easy to regulate temperatures depending on their comfort.


Swaddling is proven to be effective in promoting better sleep in the early months of a child. Younger babies tend to love being swaddled than older ones. While some babies like being swaddled, others feel uncomfortable so it’s really up to your child.

Soothing with Sound

A baby still hears sounds around him even if he’s already asleep. Soothing your baby to sleep with a white noise machine helps in cancelling out all the other unwanted noise around such as cars, the barking of dogs, and other distractions. Also, it is a type of conditioning that when your baby hears that sound, he associates it with sleep. There are plenty of options when choosing a white noise machine. It can play relaxing lullabies, nature sounds and just simple white noise. Visit sites like for a variety of white noise machines and other sleep aids for babies.

Dim the Lights

Dim lights help promote drowsiness in most babies. You can install window blinds to block sunlight during daytime naps. A night light is perfect to provide a little light as you move around the room at night. Babies aren’t yet afraid of the dark so you don’t have to worry about dimming the lights.

No babies are alike and each one has their own preferences when it comes to sleep. You just need to discover which works for your little one and create a bedtime routine around it.

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