You may be having house problems, maybe it’s under construction, maybe you live for rent, or you live in a dorm. Does the option of having fun and throwing parties go out of the window? Nope, not so fast.

You Can Still Have Fun

Ask your friends if one of them are willing to lend their place for a party, or give your mom a quick ring to ask if she’s cool with a party at home, but well we all know parties with parents if you’re a teenager is not an option; otherwise, dial away!

If you borrow the place, let them know how the party is going to go, who is going to be there, what is going to happen, every single detail, prior to the party.  This is because there might be things, they aren’t comfortable with or things that aren’t available at their house.


You will have to simply switch to plan B if nobody is willing to lend or if the facilities do not suit your needs. You can look for options like Venue hire in Croydon due to the amazing number of restaurants and the beautiful scenery of the town itself. So, ask around or do a little browsing online so you could get to know your options.

How To Narrow Down Your List

Like I mentioned before, there is a myriad of options and it may prove difficult to pick one. Therefore, you could just ask your friends if they’ve been to particular places, or generally find out their favorites. Or you could use the internet, which seems to be the most popular option among the whole world and check how many stars the restaurant receives or their reviews in general. You could also check for extra things such as an open bar if you’re an adult and so on…

Other Ways.

If you still can’t seem to choose a place, think about the food you and your friends like to eat or their preferences such as vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian or none. Make sure you select a place that is friendly to each of those types. Then, you could check that with the preference of cuisine, such as Italian. This will probably narrow it down enough for you to be able to make a choice without any discomfort.

Plan Your Expenses

Make sure you do not exceed your budget or overdo on your party spirit. It is wise to remember that everything should take place or exist within a limit and try your best not to cross yours. So, maybe plan with a friend or simply use a calculator and a piece of paper and pen, get serious and note it down and tell yourself to never cross it as it would harm your future needs and expenses. Finally, reserve early as partying may not only be in your mind but the others too. If you do not want to lose the best location on Croydon, you better research fast and reserve immediately.

Have fun!

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