It’s easy to surprise a Yu Gi Oh player or collector. There are plenty of Yu Gi Oh themed items on comic shops making it hard to complete a collection so they’ll always be happy to receive any gift. Here’s a list of the most popular items a duellist or a collector would surely love.

Starter Decks

For someone who is still new in the game or is interested in learning how to play, a starter deck is an essential. Although it doesn’t contain special or rare cards, you can find the necessary stuff such as a rule book, a whole deck and a game mat. Even pro duellists love receiving starter decks as an addition to their collection.

Structure Decks

Structure decks contain a wide array of cards in one single deck. You can now purchase a pre-built deck nowadays, so there’s no need to build it anymore. However, if you’re playing on a tournament, make sure to take 3 sets of the same structure deck for a truly powerful game play. There are actually a variety of items inspired by Yu Gi Oh from Comic Alert and Collectables. Check them out for great finds.

Gold Series

Although Gold rare cards are not liked by many players, Yu Gi Oh collectors surely love them. Gold series boxes contain rare cards that have never been released before. As the name implies, it surely costs a little bit more than regular sets but it can never be argued with their value.

Booster Box

Booster boxes are one of the most loved by Yu Gi Oh fans. Each box can contain as much as 24 packs plus up to 3 secret rare cards that are really expensive when bought alone. Opening a booster box is exciting. You’ll never know what surprises await in every pack.

Legendary Decks

This is one of the best things any Yu Gi Oh fan could ever want. Yugi’s Legendary Decks has all the classic cards that were last released more than 10 years ago; a perfect choice for collectors. There are other deck types such as Legendary Dragon and Hero decks.

Customized Card Sleeves

Nothing makes a deck more special when you have our own customized design on the card sleeve. You can create a cool design or simply plaster your face on some cards. There are plenty of anime stores who will do this for you. Be sure to check the quality of their work to be assured of nice results.


Yu Gi Oh tins are great storage containers for common cards. Aside from the cool tin container itself, it also contains a few promo cards and some booster ones. One tin is spacious enough to hold a hundred cards so it’s great to have one in hand.

Game Mats

Just like card sleeves, game mats are an essential in every duel. There are lots of pre-made game mats with designs ranging from cute to cool ones. For a personal touch, opt for custom game mats and feel free to place any designs you want such as photos or nice art.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or an avid fan yourself, it’s great to add these items on the collection.

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