Pool fences can be found in many different materials. Apart from the safety of your family and especially if you have kids, it can also affect the appeal of the house as well as your garden or backyard. There was a misconception back in the day that a pool fence made of glass is counterproductive, as glass is known as a fragile material. Many home owners also believe that it comes along with a big price tag. It may not be as cheap as wood may be but the fact that it has low maintenance costs means that it is in fact more economic than other materials used for the same purpose. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose glass.

It Is Aesthetically Appealing

You will be able to childproof your pool with having to sacrifice the aesthetic aspect of it. Choosing glass pool fencing Perth would mean that you have the chance to enhance the look of your complete property rather than having something of an eye sore there. Glass fences are definitely more attractive than the wooden one and it is also rather elegant. It will also make your pool look good and give it that classic look and feel. It may even feel like you are at a resort on a bright sunny day and who wouldn’t want that right?

It Is Easy to Maintain and Clean

In comparison to the other materials used in the building of fences, glass fences will not need a lot of maintenance. It will not decompose and you will not need to spend on repainting it either. A local carpenter will also not be needed to replace a broken part as would be in the case of wood. All you will need to clean up the glass will be a dishwashing liquid and some vinegar.

It Is Durable

Glass is a durable material that can stand the test of time. It is not prone to anything like rotting and decaying or rusting as well. The majority of fences use tempered glass which is thick and made tough for the use in industrial applications. It may not be completely shatterproof however, it is strong enough to withstand cracking, Chlorine in the pool will not damage the glass either and it will therefore be one of the best choices for fencing.

It Does Not Interrupt the Pool View

Safety will be your primary concern when you are installing the fences for your pool. However, using materials like wood and steel or other material that is not transparent will also limit your view and interrupt what you can see around you. But having this in glass means that you will be able to keep an eye out for who is near the pool, especially if there are kids and pets at home. Anybody in the pool will also be able to see you clearly and there is no isolation. There will be no footholds and therefore, children will not be able to climb up the fencing without the help of an adult.

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