A baby shower is held soon before the baby is born, to celebrate the occasion of being pregnant for a few days before you welcome your little bundle of joy to be a mom for. During the occasion, all your girlfriends are invited as they gift you with things, they think you would essentially need, but most of the time, almost all gifts are either inappropriate or forgotten with time. This is what caused me to create a list of gifts which should be avoided to be given at a baby shower.

Homemade Gifts

While knitting or sewing something for your cousins’ baby might be the cutest thing, it is definitely not expected at all. You could just stick to diaper bags or something instead. Making homemade gifts are rarely what the mother expects to open up amongst her sea of gifts received, so if you do not want her to ignore and move past it, stick to something like a changing pad.

Stuffed Toys

Newborn kids have had it with the piles of stuffed animals laying around their rooms. You know what? Chances are that they are not even able to play with them until they are older, which will then look old and ragged and unplayable. So, don’t, don’t give stuffed animals at a baby shower.

Don’t Give Clothes For 12 Month Old Babies

If you plan to gift these at a baby shower, with the intention that the clothes can be used later, it’s a horrible idea, because during the first year of birth, what guarantee is it that the mother never goes shopping for any clothes until the baby is a year old? Well, that how well you should know that the clothes you give, sized 12 months would be forgotten during the 3rd month after birth itself. So, don’t waste your money on this.

Decorations For The Baby Room

During the time of the baby shower, the mom has already decorated and set up the room, to brag before for all her family and friends. Which would make the gifting of decorative items for the room, completely unnecessary unless it matches the style and color of the room by mistake.

Used Goods

Do not gift something that has been used before, especially to someone who is about to be a new mom. Unless asked for one that has been used already, do not gift a new mom something of this sort.

Toys That Toddlers Play With

If this isn’t a party held for turning 1, you don’t give toys that are fit for those who are 1. It is called a baby shower for a reason, not so you could go ahead and present stationary for when the kid can use it during his schooling.

The items given above are advised to be avoided as gifts during a baby shower for the reason of being either undervalued or inappropriate for the particular occasion, therefore, be mindful when gifting things for a baby shower next time.

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