It’s hard to leave your little one in the care of others but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. There are plenty of options when it comes to child care – from stay-in nanny, babysitter and day care facilities. Among the options, enrolling your child in a day care centre is a great choice. Aside from being assured that your child is taken care of, there are day care facilities that offer early learning programs designed specifically for every age group. If you’re considering this choice, here are the factors you should look for to pick the best day care facility for your little one.

Everyone is Happy

One of the key elements to look for when visiting a day care centre is the mood of the staff and children. The staff should be cheerful, patient and interested in dealing and taking care of the kids. The children must also look well taken care of, energetic and content while mingling around with other kids. Visiting a day care near the end of the day is the perfect time to catch an accurate picture on what really takes place in the facility.

Stimulating Environment

One of the great benefits a day care centre offers is interaction. There should be lots of interesting and stimulating activities to keep every child engaged. Aside from that, check also of the staff interacts with the children verbally and physically. See also if their toys and facilities are child-friendly and safe. Our facility provides a stimulating environment for kids of all ages with emphasis on early learning West Ryde.

Clustered into Age Groups

A day care facility must group the children according to age groups. Kids below 12 months old should be separated from toddlers and older kids because they are still fragile. On the other hand, toddlers and older kids also are still learning how to be careful and gentle especially when dealing with younger children.


Another main factor to look for is how the staff upholds cleanliness in the facility. Aside from keeping the surroundings clean and safe for kids, they should also practice good sanitation practices such as washing of hands especially after changing diaper, properly washed utensils and feeding bottles, sanitizing toys when the day ends and many more.


Just as how much you want to keep your kids safe at home, a good day care facility should practice the best safety precautions to keep the kids safe. If they’re handling younger ones, see to it that there are no choking hazards around such as tiny toys or anything small. There should be safety gates and window guards to avoid falls and accidents. The floor should be free from clutter as much as possible to prevent kids from stumbling down. The facility should also have the essentials like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire exits and other safety features.

By knowing that you have chosen the best day care facility for your little one, you can go through your day feeling assured that your child is in good hands. 

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