Deciding on a wedding theme is frustrating, plain frustrating for every bride out there. Do you want to take the romantic route, or do want to go for something fresh or vintage? Once you pinpoint the theme of your dreams, hustle with the rest of your wedding plans. But if you are still on the fence about which direction you want to head towards, buckle up and read carefully. We have found some of the best wedding trends to translate your dreams to reality.


Imagine soft hues, delicate lightings, and a floral-y atmosphere. Seems romantic yeah? All you have to do is take glittering chandeliers or hanging lights, pastel colors, calligraphy, a beautiful flower wall and lots of soft décors and roll it together and BOOM! There you have it, your fairytale wedding.


Let’s break some traditions here and make it ours. With an alternative wedding, you have to go with your gut instinct and your personal style instead of sticking to a theme and style that has been done before. Take inspiration but make sure it is personal, your theme will reflect you. It’s time to push the boundaries as much as you want.


Take inspiration from tradition and styles that were considered ‘bomb’ decades ago. One the easiest method to do so is to channel this look through your wedding attire and beauty look. You could also rely on antique looking décor to exemplify the vintage atmosphere. Furthermore, after the wedding ceremony, you could drive away in a traditional looking getaway car, like an old Porsche or a Volkswagen. Look through vintage wedding venues Melbourne. To amplify the look for a venue that cooperates with your theme, like weathered doors and windows and a massive but ancient-ish chandelier.


For a whimsical couple, your wedding will be filled with bright splashes of color and quirky, bohemian style components that will definitely lift your spirits. Incorporate design elements like bright balloons and streamers, punchy floral arrangements and even mismatched chairs if you wish. It’s your personal bubble, make it shine.


Minimal designs, clean lines, geometric shapes and not a single hair out of place. This look is completely modern and guess what we are loving it. Plan out your site decorations, like silky seats, a cool structural background, or a bold color pattern and don’t forget the amazingly breath-taking décor.


Rustic is bae, just google up and look at that décor! It’s absolutely amazing. Imagine a combination of string lights, mason jars, twine, lace, and wood all rolled together to create a fantabulous look. Consider a rural venue, something chic and intimate.


Just like how your bridal dress will look, a bohemian marriage is cool and cheerful, but still attractive.  Keep your venue decorations simplistic yet elegant, with oriental rugs along the passageway and lining the altar, decorative and colorful cushions, or hanging macramé decorations. Make it fun and that is what matters.

Wedding plantings are a nightmare, well at least it is considered as one. However, we say take it easy and stay with us. Let us help you and make your dreams a reality.

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