Your pregnancy is that wonderful period when you plan a beautiful life for your baby. It’s the time when you fear for their safety in this scary world and wonder how you could preserve the Earth for their future. Here are 6 ways to do so…

Consider Buying A Pre-Used Cot For Your Baby

We understand that your first baby is an all new experience for you, and your excitement knows no bounds. This being the case, you might feel a little hesitant about buying baby’s first ever piece of furniture second hand. However, it’s important to remember that the baby is not going to be using this piece of furniture for long. Besides, with a little sanding and a fresh coat of paint or polish, the cradle will look as good as new!

Buy Clothing That Is Less Harmful To The Baby, And The Earth

There are many chemicals used in clothes to make them last for longer and for stronger colors etc. This makes them quite harmful to the wearer, especially if the wearer happens to be a vulnerable infant. By choosing organic and vegan clothing, you’re not only protecting your baby, but also protecting the Earth. You can easily buy vegan baby clothing online if it isn’t available to you locally.

Be Mindful About Food Wastage During Your Pregnancy

Your pregnancy period is going to be both the extremes of wonderful and horrible. Most women suffer from nausea and a general feeling of being unable to eat certain foods that they’ve previously loved during this period. It’s quite normal. However, if you’re ever at a position where you cannot seem to eat the food prepared for you, be mindful of how you dispose of it. instead of throwing it out, donate it to the poor or at least feed a stray animal. Don’t let that meal go to waste.

Make Your Baby Shower Nature-Friendly

Baby showers are very common nowadays, and so are gender reveal parties. These are fun and emotional times for both parents, so there’s nothing wrong with indulging in it if you can afford to. However, do your best to ensure your baby shower is nature friendly (no plastic decoration, reusable cutlery etc.). Make sure your spouse is aware of this wish of yours…in case they plan on surprising you…!

Commit To Planting A Tree For Every Special Moment In Your Pregnancy, And Nurture It

Planting a plant for your child’s every birthday is a commendable thing to do; especially if you make sure you nurture it and take care of it for the years to come. But that is for the near future. If you want to do something now, consider planting a plant for every special occasion during your pregnancy. Taking care of these plants in the years to come will be a poignant and happy memory to you…

Research Ways To Raise A Child Who Is More Conscious Of The Earth, And Strive To Make It Happen

Raising a happy, healthy and loving child is the goal of any parent. Teaching them to be responsible, polite and more conscious of the Earth is your responsibility as well. Do your research on how to do so while you’re pregnant, and make an effort to see it happen in the years to come. Be the start of a movement that raises children to be the protectors of this planet.

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