If you’re ready to welcome a little one into the world, you need to find him the perfect cot. There are a few things you have to keep in mind if this is your priority. Below, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know, so keep reading.

Does It Offer Storage Space?

Not many people are aware of this, but cots come with storage space built in. This is as retractable shelves are placed in its bottom, letting you open the space up and store essentials.

As you know, you need many things to take care of a baby so you’ll litter your home with these items. Thankfully, the additional storage space is great as it will remedy this situation, leaving your home clutter free.

That being said, cribs that come with this feature are pricier compared to those that aren’t.

How Tall Is It?

The cot needs to be tall enough for you to be able to drop the level of the mattress over time. As he grows older, you need the mattress to be lowered as he’ll gain mobility, wanting to sneak out of his cot.

Additionally, a breathable mesh baby mattress is the standard and is better than normal mattresses. The cot needs to be spacious enough to fit one of these.

Can You Change On It?

When changing his clothes, you’ll need a space dedicated to this. So if your home is small, you’ll be in trouble. That’s why you need a cot that comes with top changer.

Cot top changers are drawers you can attach to the edges of the crib. Once it latches onto the sides, you have a surface you can change your little one on.

Hopefully, the crib you’re interested in comes with a top changer, allowing you to freely attach it whenever you want. Otherwise, ensure it is a crib that is manufactured to hold a changer if needed.

Teething Rails

Teething is painful for your little one. Unfortunately, he’d try and chew everything in his path to relieve the discomfort he’s in, even the handles of the crib.  As the railings are made out of hard materials, chewing on it is definitely not a good idea.

Not only would it be painful but it could be harmful to his health. If the cribs are wooden, they’ll have varnish on them. As you can imagine, having varnish in his body would be a catastrophic scenario.

Can You Take It Places?

Although it would be placed in his room most of the time, you need a cot that can be taken place. Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase one to travel with. Obviously, you don’t need this extra expenditure.

However, get its measurements. You don’t need one that is too big as you won’t be able to fit it into one of your vehicles, limiting your ability to travel with it. Moreover, its weight would affect how well you would be able to transport it.

As you can see, there are many things you have to keep in mind to ensure you find your little one the perfect crib. If you follow the mentioned points, this article will assist you in your search.

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