Before you start planning your kid’s room, you have to make sure that the room would showcase your kid’s personality and interest. If your kid is into stories, turn their room into their favorite fictional world. If they are into sports, convert their room into an area where they could freely play and be active. The possibilities are endless and it would give you the chance to let your creative juices flowing. What’s more, decorating it could be a bonding experience for you, your partner and your kid.

As soon as you are settled on the theme and you already have a rough idea of how the room would look like, the below list should also factor in when you are designing your kid’s room.

Classic Theme

No matter how much we deny it, our children will grow up. Will the room grow up with them or will it be outdated after a few years? This issue could be resolved easily by coming up with a classic theme or a design that could be simply updated. For example, your daughter is into princesses and frilly things. She might outgrow this after a couple of years and might not want a room dominated by the color pink. When planning for it, better to stick to neutral colored walls and just accentuate the room with pink rugs, curtains, beddings and “princess” accessories that could be kept once your daughter outgrew their fondness for princesses. At least, you would not spend a lot in overhauling the whole room.

Refurbishing Furniture

When you are shopping for furniture, it is advisable that you buy furniture that would “grow” with your kids. There are cribs that could be turned into beds or beds that could be elongated once your child grew and would not fit into its current bed. If you are not able to find such furniture in your area, then consider splurging on furniture that they would be able to use for a longer period of time even when they grow up such as cabinets, dressers and study table and chair and skimp on those they would outgrow such as bed and mattress. Try to look for affordable kids furniture in time for Christmas since there are stores that give discounts before the year-end inventory. They also make room for newer designs and models of furniture.


When planning your kid’s room, it is recommended to think of the room not only how it would grow with your kid but for possible other future uses. Your kid might go to college to another place and the room might be vacant and could be put to better use when they are not around. Perhaps you could convert it to a gym, a home office or home theater. The renovation would be costlier if when you designed it as a kid’s room without future proofing it for these scenarios.

Planning for your kid’s room is an exciting time especially for first time and new parents. Don’t be too stressed about it since your kid would definitely love and enjoy all the things that you are doing for them.

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