If you’re a ballerina, you know how important a pointe shoe is. That’s why you should keep reading as we’ll be running through the many things to consider when looking for one to purchase.

How Big Is The Store?

Quality is very important when it comes to pointe shoes. That’s why you can’t just step into any store. The store should preferably be huge as this means you will get the best possible selection.

As it’s so professional, the likelihood of a fitter being there is high. And they’ll most probably be highly trained.

Thankfully, large names that provide pointe shoes are very common, such as More To The Pointe so order here, or at its competitors.

Is Your Teacher With You?

When buying a pointe shoe, you shouldn’t go into the store alone. Make sure you have your teacher along with you when you’re with the fitter. This ensures you get the best possible shoe.

Because your teacher knows how strong your feet are and what type of shoe they require. So, be mindful of having them tag along.

If they aren’t there, make sure you get a good description of your feet so you can hand it over to the fitter.

What Colour Is It?

Pointe shoes usually come in a beige color. However, this is changing as they are starting to come in darker browns as well.

The purpose of their beige tone was to hide the toes, providing a nude illusion. This wouldn’t be the case if you’re darker in color and use a light pointe shoe.

That’s why you should look for a shop that provides pointe shoes in an array of tones. At first, this may seem hard, but with the more research you do, the more likely you are to find such a seller as they’re out there.

Is It Snug?

Finally, when you’re trying the shoes out you need to check hoe snug it is. It shouldn’t be too loose as this would prevent you from moving with it on.

It shouldn’t be too tight either as this would make it very painful to move with.

You can check if it’s the perfect fit by running your finger through the shoe, able to touch your toes.

How’s Its Vamp?

The shoe’s vamp needs to be perfectly fit onto your toes. This is probably the most important part of selecting a point shoe as many tend to ignore this.

If you’re new to ballet, vamps are the very front of your shoes. If it doesn’t fit onto your toes right, you won’t be able to demi-pointe.

How’s Its Heel?

Be sure to check the heel of the shoe. It shouldn’t be too high or low. If it’s too high, you’ll hurt your foot’s tendon while dancing and if it’s too low, you’re increasing your chances of losing balance.

You can assess the position of the heels by walking around with the shoe, doing plies with them.

Considering everything discussed, you see there are many things you have to keep in mind when looking for the perfect shoe.

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