Running a business store is not an easy or a cheap task. Given how expensive maintenance has become, having an online outlet is the best alternative method. But then comes the issue of the platform. Where exactly are you going to sell?

In this read, we’re going to talk about 3 of the most fundamental aspects of e-commerce that would help store-less businesses greatly, and how to implement them as well.

Via websites

The power of a website never goes out of style; you don’t have to adhere to any rules, it’s your place and you decide everything. But having a website is a process. The first stage is where you choose the domain name.

Once you do that, you need to have a hosting company with a hosting plan out of either dedicated, VPS or shared. However, it’s the remaining party that has the biggest impact on the overall capacity of the website. Who is that? It’s the developer.

The role of a web development agency brisbane is to both design and develop the website adhering to the needs of the client. But why is it so important? The rest of the processes doesn’t involve any creativity because that’s more or less the infrastructure. Since the developer has to design the website from scratch, it’s the biggest responsibility.

That’s why it’s always better to hire services from companies that have much more accountability than freelancing developers who would abandon projects at their convenience. The bottom line is that having a strong website is going to be the core reason why you get to make heaps of sales.

Via SEO, AdWords, PPC based advertising

Whenever a need comes up, the way we look up in Google has a pattern. This pattern is always a group of words; not just any words but the most important words that must be included to get what you want. These are the keywords and the basis of SEO, search engine optimization.

Google AdWords is the next level of SEO because they are more personalized and directly bring the customer wherever the URL you want them to be. Combine them with PPC (pay-per-click), you have the arsenal of weapons to direct customers at you. The combination of these three methods is not easy, but when done has truly remarkable results.

Via social media

Chances are high that there’s a separate tab for a social media platform right now in your browser. Unlike in the past, you can not only advertise on social media, but you can also sell then and there.

Once you get to make the sales, you can easily lure the customers to your website, and allow them to have better deals. That way, the website traffic will boost and that would increase the online presence of your business for e-commerce purposes.


Understanding the power of these modern means of e-commerce is essential. Because if not, you’ll be missing out on some of the most strategic methods to make heaps of sales, especially with the holiday season coming around the corner.


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