Halloween is the time of year you can escape reality and dress up in any costume, scary or funny and be something or someone else for a night. Therefore, do your research and try and come up with the best Halloween costume that you can find.

Be creative

Putting thought into what you want your costume to look will make the entire experience better. Rather than simply putting on a pair of bunny ears, planning ahead will enable you to come up with a creative and even daring, fun costume. Being creative with your costume enables you to have fun with what you want to dress up as.

For example, if you want to be a bride you do not necessarily have to dress up in a long white dress and cover your face with a veil. You can have your own fun twist to it and dress up as a zombie bride, allowing you to play around with your makeup like you wouldn’t usually do. If you want to wear matching costumes with your daughter, you could look around for tutu dresses for girls. You could wear stockings and a leotard, put your hair up in buns and go as ballerinas.


You may think as it is just for one night or one occasion that you do not need to be comfortable. However, this is not the case as being comfortable will enable you to enjoy yourself better.  Therefore, before you purchase or rent a costume make sure that it fits because if not you will not be able to enjoy yourself. You should also make sure the material is comfortable because having the material that scrapes against your skin the entire night will likely get in the way of you having a good time.

When you wear a costume, it is not only so others can see what you have come up with but it is also about you enjoying the consumer you are in. You will likely not be able to do this if your costume keeps falling down. If it is too tight then you may think twice before eating another bite as you may fear one more bite would cause the outfit to come undone. Therefore, make sure you try the costume on before purchasing or renting it to ensure that you are comfortable and secure in it.

Do it yourself

You do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to come up with a fun, creative costume. Costume rental shops are not the only place to purchase an outfit as you can easily make one at home. All you need is an idea.

Once you know who or what you want to be you can make the idea your own and use whatever you have at home. For instance, if you want to go as a gypsy, you do have to go out and purchase colourful scarfs and rings to play the part. You can still pass off for being a very convincing gypsy by wearing a black dress you already own and dressing it up with colourful jewellery.


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