Cosmetic dentistry is increasingly used to correct certain irregularities of teeth that will affect your smile. It is largely done to improve appearance but there are situations where it has a functional value as well. It will give peace of mind to the patient as well because after the corrective procedure has taken place, they can smile without worry.

There are several reasons for a person to visit a dentist for cosmetic dentistry purposes. One of the top benefits of cosmetic dental is that it provides a solution for correcting stained or discoloured teeth. The staining of teeth can occur because of dyes that can be in food and beverages, irregular brushing of teeth and use of tobacco or smoking. This is particularly common in those that have been smoking over a long period as tartar will build up during that time leading to tooth decay and discolouration. The solution to this is bleaching or whitening the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can help with uneven teeth as well. Uneven teeth will not affect how you speak but sometimes there is a little difficulty in chewing when the sizes of teeth are different. It is also something that affects your appearance. A cosmetic dentist will be able to recommend dental veneers for this issue.

The form of teeth is a speciality of cosmetic dentists and in patients with crooked teeth there can be certain difficulties in eating or brushing properly. As teeth will be located in different ways, it is hard to get your toothbrush all the way through to do a proper clean. When these areas are not brushed, plaque can build up and it can harden into tartar which is very difficult to remove. You will require teeth cleaning by a dentist when this happens. The crookedness of the teeth may worsen with age as teeth tend to move and shift over time. So this is something that can further compound your issue. If this is something that affects your daily life or you find that it negatively impacts your appearance, you can schedule an appointment with your dentist to see what solutions are available for you. One such solution is braces. There are braces available for adults as well.

It is important that you go for regular check-ups at your local dental clinic at least twice a year. You will be able to discuss oral health issues and how you can further improve your smile. You will be able to maintain the health of your teeth by regular teeth cleanings and improve your self-confidence as well when you are no longer worried about how you look when you smile. You can ask the dentist about the procedures that are suitable for you and whether there is a recovery time included. The solution that you get will be tailored to your lifestyle. If you want to align teeth and you don’t want to have visible braces, you can see the option of lingual braces, tooth coloured braces or clear aligners that you will be able to remove when brushing teeth. You need to discuss all your options before you settle on a procedure so that you know all you need about it.


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