Swimming is one of the greatest aerobic and anaerobic exercises known to man. Learning how to swim is an essential life skill and works out the entire body, from your shoulders to your glutes, every muscle fiber in your body is working to propel you through the water.

There is no doubt that swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world, however many of us are only able to do it in certain parts of the year. If you have a backyard pool, there have likely been many days where you’ve wanted to go for a swim but found the water simply too chilly. Well, there is a solution for that. It is called the solar pool heater. With it, you can drastically increase the number of days throughout the year that you can enjoy your favorite activity. Check out solar pool heating sunshine coast if you want to learn more about some of the best solar pool heaters in the country.

What are some of the benefits of swimming? The best benefit is that it really works out the whole body. And you can do it in a low impact way. With swimming you can tone your muscles, increase your strength, build up your endurance, and basically get the same benefits as other aerobic activities such as running with none of the joint stress. You can do many types of strokes including the freestyle, the backstroke, the breaststroke, and the butterfly.

In addition to getting a great muscle workout, you can even make your internal organs stronger. By swimming, you can give your heart a workout and make your lungs more able to absorb Oxygen which is vital for strenuous physical activity. All of these combine to lower the risk of heart disease, to lower blood pressure and blood sugar as well.

Swimming is also a great exercise if you have a lot of joint pain. Because you aren’t constantly stressing out your joints as you would if you were running, we can wholeheartedly recommend swimming for people who suffer from arthritis and other joint-related problems. Swimming can also help alleviate pain. Some studies have shown that people who have osteoporosis report far less pain after a swim, and report that they felt less physical limitation.

Also, swimming is a great idea if you have asthma. Due to the high humidity of the water that surrounds the pool, it is easier on the lungs of an asthmatic. Due to the potentially intensive nature of swimming, you will also find that your lung capacity increases, making your breathing a lot steadier and easy going. However, there are also some studies that say that swimming can increase your asthma due to the chemicals that they put into the water. So, it’s advisable if you consult your doctor first. In addition to all this, swimming can be an incredible workout and leave you feeling completely exhausted when leaving the pool.


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